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pain and beauty

Posted by: multatuli on: January 18, 2007


John Ruskin, a London artist born in 1819, described the twin purposes of art: to make sense of pain and to understand the sources of beauty.
Here, art is in the “why we do things” instead of “how we do things”. Moreover, if we break the ground on why we choose things to do, we can get to these conclusions. That music is art. Writing is art. Being a doctor is art. Traveling and connecting with people is an art.
Music is my way to understand pain and beauty. Music transforms pain into beauty. Music speaks up the pain and beauty. Music is not just tracks you sing along with. For me, the more substantial part is the experience that produces the music.
Writing for me is an irreplaceable activity. I understand myself through writing. I explore myself through it as I become constantly aware of my own thoughts and feelings and always have the urge to capture them with words.
For me being a doctor is all about the spirit of the job. Of course the intellectual challenge of medical science is always interesting. But I find pain caused by diseases here and there, and yet, if paying enough attention, I still manage to also acknowledge beauty of life and the human spirit. And that approach, to see pain and beauty, is purely art, not science.
The only thing that resonates with art for me is the sense that we feel something so strongly. Because it’s a feeling that lies deeply in your heart, it’s personal.



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