The Victory of The Truth

January 9, 2012 § 9 Comments

Have you ever just reached a moment of truth that is most completely and privately just yours?

She was thinking about an episode with this man. A person whom she allowed some time to get to know but never quite gotten anywhere with.

Love is indeed subjective.

A desire of love that is unfulfilled can instantly turn into hysteria and rage. A longing so chronic and yet acutely felt can imitate love, or the subjective interpretation of love.

What was so mistakenly interpreted by the man as love that night, her surrender to her emotions?

She thought about it for a bit before coming to her conclusion. The problem was that she had never surrendered her story to the man. She had never addressed her soul to the man. She was simply addressing her soul to herself, to her superficial self. That night, she was allowing herself an honest confession, she was letting her body meet her soul and utter its truth. It could have been any man sitting with her that night, but the moment of truth was hers alone. She had failed to share it with anyone, even when she was with another person who happened to be that man that night, and therefore, the victory of this truth belongs to her alone.

He, of course to his disappointment with further rage, had nothing to do with it. As she stated what she wanted to say, she was looking far away. He was there, but she was not with him, she was with herself, with the present moment.

What was trivial and amusing was the fact that her friendliness, not even friendship, was hysterically being read as love by the man.

But how could you ever feel deeply connected, when you’ve never invested anything in the first place? Let’s not get overwhelmingly dramatic, but when one is not responding, one is simply uninterested, so she thought.

She hates drama, she has enough of it on most days. She does not add complications to her lives, her energy was better spent elsewhere. The days go on with passion, or with tedium; regardless they’re still hers. She has people inside of her life, and she has some outside. And at the end of the day, it’s her decisions, her truths. Love is indeed subjective, and the victory of this truth is hers alone.



*Quiet evening, never ending torrent download, and the discovery of Milan Kundera.


§ 9 Responses to The Victory of The Truth

  • Arash Khawaja says:

    It is so true. Yet love is an emotion which defies logic. Indeed love and hate are irrational thus subjective. This doesn”t relinguish us from being righteous and persuing a certain degree of leniency. In short: subjectivity shouldnt be understood as impunity! Ook het subjectieve moet de toets der kritiek kunnen doorstaan, well said!

  • Dee_Daydreamer says:

    Love is indeed subjective, and the victory of this truth is hers alone….
    –> so true 🙂

  • Panji W. says:

    “A desire of love that is unfulfilled can instantly turn into hysteria and rage.”

    Histeria. Betul juga Jeng, sedikit orang yang tahu bahwa mereka histeris, mungkin depresi bahkan, karena gagal bercinta dengan fantasi mereka sendiri.

    As always, thanks for highlighting the fact that some things are simply pathetic.


  • Multatuli says:


    Hello you 🙂 Never thought I’ll find you here. Hysteria baby, people are on drugs these days or what! Gue tinggal panggil satpam aja buat ngusir kalo sampe nemu 🙂

    Not you though, ur most welcome anytime. Salam ya dari bokap nyokap!

  • Multatuli says:

    It’s your truth Di 🙂
    You own it!

  • Multatuli says:

    Hey Arash! Wow, google translate mess me up. Thanks for the comment. You’re right, no impunity there. Everything has their consequences, like it or not 🙂

  • Panji W. says:

    Uda ga usah pake satpam langsung kabarin gue aja..
    Salam dari Dipta, ditanya nih kapan lo ke Jkt
    Btw elo nih emang paling bisa membuat hal rumit dan konyol terungkap jadi kebenaran yg menyakitkan buat org via tulisan lo 😉

  • akuh says:

    ‘…she had failed to share it with anyone.’

    the loneliest statement.
    speaks a volume.

    and it is interesting to note, dont you think
    ‘when one is not responding, one is simply uninterested..’

    if only.

  • Multatuli says:

    The seemingly quiet sentences are most often the loudest.

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