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“…neither a pure and merciful heavenly being, nor a wise justice who watches over the interests of society and the State, neither a saint nor a righteous man -but a miserable, dirty sinner who has been crushed by Fascism, who has himself experienced the terrible power of the State, who has himself bowed down, fallen, shrunk into timidity and submissiveness. And this judge will say: ‘Guilty! Yes, there are men in this terrible world who are guilty.'”

Vasily Grossman


Quote on lethargy

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“But here in the desert people were simply apathetic and lethargic. It was as though the officers were convinced there was nothing for them to do, nothing for them to be concerned about – after all, these sands would be exactly the same tomorrow, the following day, in a year’s time”

– Life and Fate, Vasily Grossman

Lethargy, is worse than death itself.. it only shows the lack of life, purpose, effort. It is laziness dragged through time. When a group of people experience this disease chronically, stay away!

A little rush of high

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I’m just a little rush of high for you
I make you feel better
I make you think the world is better
When you wake up I’ll be long gone

I get that you live in the ditch
Because that’s where you belong
So shoot me up in your vein babe
I’ll take you to the pedestal

I’ll give you that pink cloud baby
I’m just using your flesh babe
I’ll run fast in your blood
You’ll fly before I slam you back down

So I’ll run inside you
I’ll run, I run fast and hard
I’ll fly you deep into the ground
I’m just a little rush of high for you

Don’t forgive me
I’m just your delusion
I made you like yourself for a while
I’m just your false glory

What do they call this
When you’re addicted to me
I’m your little rush of high
But I’m the one abusing you

Remember me when I’m gone babe
All your pain and suffering, anger and hate
You always thought you could own me
I’m just using you for fun babe

I’m sure you’ll hate yourself
Cause how can you hate me
I’m just your little rush of high
you’re just the broken you that you’ve always been


*in the name of heroin, cocaine, and anything self-disguising as pleasure: some people deserve what they get.

*art is “Love Addiction” from

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