The people who look out for you

February 5, 2011 § 2 Comments

There can be several most defining moments in your life. Most often, those moments are the hardest, the most challenging. The most defining moment in your life may be when you find out about the truth.

It’s quite shocking to find out about betrayal and the ugly truth. And just the ugliest truth, that you’ve been used, manipulated, and basically abused by the people who supposed to take care of you in the first place. It’s not the shock of revealing who the perpetrator is that’s hard to deal with, but the realization that you have lost your trust and respect to someone whom you once looked up to; someone whom you once thought as having integrity; or strength and courage.

You lay your foundation and you build upon it. You have your faith and beliefs, and you have the hopes and dreams that keep you going. Imagine that shaken to the very core. This is not just about betrayal. It’s about having your belief system completely shattered. You’re left with nothing, and then you wonder, “What on earth am I doing here?”; “Is my dream worth all this pain?”

You can’t turn to hate and blame because you are powerless anyway. There is no revenge because you’re just a collateral damage and no one intended to destroy you in the first place: you’re simply an instrument they take advantage of so they always needed you. In fact, they desperately need you so you’re lead into perceiving a reality they created, and you’re lured into a trap with no possibility of escaping.

This is one the most defining moments in your life. You thought you’re left alone. But then, if you’re lucky and blessed enough,  you find out that there are people willing to go to your dark place to find you there, take your hand and walk you through until you see the light again.

In the end, after all this painful experience, what matter are your values: the ideas you uphold and appreciate in life. You learn that the people who take care of and look out for you are the people who eventually have your highest regards and respect for.


Note: Thank you to DMK for being the one looking out for me; you keep me going.


§ 2 Responses to The people who look out for you

  • babybat says:

    ‘signs are signs’ said crazy magician when upon an unexpected meeting of a stranger decided to climb the Montsegur Mountain under the sky full of stars… almost like ‘jumping in the fog’, facing unknown…

    why am I so week…? why so afraid to trust myself…?

    something deep in me could repeat your words from this post but so far nothing to catch and physically proof my underneath feelings… my ‘positive believe’ or rather very strong will to not believe my own feelings is also doubting this coincidence / sign (?) – I have subscribed to your blog at the very beginning of this year and only now found an info about this post in my mailbox…… why now? why this post since there are many other?
    there are other unexpected meetings and happenings lately around me, as if something or someone was gathering people around with a silent saying ‘you are not alone and will never be’…

    all this and I still can not believe…
    but there is something growing in me… the time is coming…
    perhaps one day will learn how to ‘jump in the fog’…

    just wanted to say thank you… for your words and this ‘coincidence’ 🙂

    all the best…
    …and many only good people willing to go to your darkest places to find You there 🙂

  • Multatuli says:

    Hi babybat,

    First of all, thank you for subscribing and commenting on the post 🙂
    I’m glad to know that some things mentioned here found themselves being resonated deep within others souls and hearts.
    Perhaps we’re separated by distance, but you never know when someone feels so close to you just because of similar struggles and experiences. Thank you for letting me know that the post is familiar to you and your life.

    The other night I went to a party and started talking to random people I just knew moments before.
    I started talking to a girl and her boyfriend. They shared their experience on when they traveled to India and spent some time there taking care of children with special needs. Then we started talking about work and what we do in our free time. The boyfriend then told me that I seem like someone who knows exactly what I want. I told him, that this is not without any heartbreak. And just that moment, just like he knew everything that I had been through, he said, “Just keep going!”.

    I still don’t know how he managed to “read” me in less than 10 minutes. And how he managed to say something I needed to hear. But I see it as a divine voice delivering a message through a random person. It’s one of those signs, this time for me to keep going.

    Likewise, I wish for you to always have good people with you along the way 🙂

    Best wishes,

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