The 90% is freedom; what it means and why it matters

January 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

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This line inspires truth and honesty in accepting and dealing with our deepest struggles and imperfections. We can easily show people our 10%, our facade, our mask. The remaining 90% is where our courage and strength is tested. When you’re able to accept and deal with the remaining 90% of your existence, you’ll gain and maintain your freedom as you realize that nothing in life is perfect. You’ll gain your freedom because in spite of of your vulnerabilities you still have a strong and kind spirit; in spite of having a strong and kind spirit you are still allowed to be vulnerable. The 90% is the reason why you should be kind to yourself. And it is the 90% that connects you with other people as everyone has their own 90%.

As this line brings great impact on me, I hope it does for you too. Hopefully this blog and banner can encourage you to accept your 90%; because the 90% is freedom.


“We are like the tip of the iceberg. You only show 10% of yourself when you meet people. But you should be able to show the 90% under the surface. Because the 90% is freedom.“

(From “If you really knew me”; MTV)



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