2010 ended

January 1, 2011 § 2 Comments

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An end-year post should have been posted at the end of the year. But the end of the year was a busy day for me. A busy day that when I think about it now, I’m deeply grateful for. After the busy activities surrounding Christmas and making the best use of my time at work, I finally had 30th afternoon to go around the city and re-explore the city library, which has disappointed me with the unbelievable price raise for borrowing the books. I took the time to open a bank account, which is another phase of “settling down” in Nijmegen.

The evening of 31st December we had dinner with our housemate and some colleagues from work. Afterwards, I went to a friend’s place to meet with her friends and spend the new year’s eve together with them. Lovely evening, meeting new people, great conversations and getting to know a friend a little bit better… it’s all good. Warm. It’s the best way to spend the new year’s eve in Nijmegen.

2010 was ended with bangs, explosions, and colours. And the best part is, we’re welcoming 2011.

During the evening another friend asked what I’d wished for 2011. After few moments I truthfully answered, “I want a peaceful 2011”. She beat me up for not coming up with anything more interesting. But that’s what I had in 2010, interesting, and as it went, unsettling. Therefore, I simply wish for a peaceful 2011.

At the end of the day, I respect what I had gone through in 2010. It had been high, it had been low. Most of the days, it had been challenging. Taking some distance from the confusion and the regrets, now I believe that what had happened was what I had to go through for whatever reason. I simply could not deny it, it’s a part of what’s written for me. The good and the bad, the gentle and the harsh, whatever they had been, I am mostly feeling humbled by the honour of experiencing them. I respect the ground that I had to walk on, because there I left my mark and there I shaped myself.

As a friend put it, “The past did not exist. There’s only the future”. And that’s the only thing I want to take with me coming into 2011.




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