“you always go through times where it gets too hard”

December 30, 2010 § 4 Comments

Posted on https://freedocere.wordpress.com by Multatuli

I’ve definitely gone through times where I ask myself, “Do I still want to do this?” or “Why am I doing this?” because you always go through times where it gets too hard; it gets so physically and mentally demanding that you almost can’t take it anymore. But that’s what (gymnastic) is about. It pushes you to your limit, and it teaches you everything about yourself… I don’t know, I kept going back and I’d had another day that reminded me of why I’m there.

Shawn Johnson – 2008 olympic women gymnastics gold medalist



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§ 4 Responses to “you always go through times where it gets too hard”

  • Henny Kartikawati says:

    Believe me I’ve been there and I’ve been through … Tough Girl not necessary reminding everybody that you are a weakbody … Life is choices, you choose your dream … Don’t push it back … Don’t hold your breath … Run … Run … and you are a good runner …

  • Darmawati says:

    A friend ever told me that his principle in life is ‘push yourself beyond limit.’ Beause we never feel certain of our limit. We never know.
    While some sceptic (u’d say negative, I believe) persons would say ‘don’t push too hard’ instead. I’d rather be called an extreme just to prove that the limit is actually not that. In Javanese it’s ‘mekso,’ and I like to mekso.
    Heheheee 🙂 🙂
    Smangat mbaaak, I am with youuu (^.^)/

  • Galuh Dyah says:

    Sometimes things go completely wrong beyond your expectations and you can only sigh,
    But don’t ever give up, though the pace seems slow, you may succeed w/ another blow kitty!

  • Widagdo says:

    Hm… another great writing. I would like to comment at your blog, but since everyone put comment here, I’ll just follow. Looking back at my past, I have realized that this quote, however silly is true “Something that do not kill you will only make you stronger”. There are certain hard moments in live where I feel unable to go through, just like you explained. And on some of those moments, I think I have made a wrong decision. However, those moments made me stronger, and gave birth to a better me today. So, hard moments are there to make you better, regardless of winning or losing, regardless on how right or wrong your response is.

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