Things you should know this week! July 2010

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I decided to make a summarized commentary on my what I think you should know (maybe) every week.

1. Rihanna’s Te Amo is an awesome song with an awesome lyric. Very heartfelt and honest. Please google the lyrics…

2. Eclipse is worth watching only if you can enjoy Jacob’s body 😉

Also, I’m kinda wondering about how Kristen Stewart feels about Bella Swan, after playing Joan Jett “The Feminist” in The Runaways, I doubt she would approve Bella’s constantly begging Edward for uhm, yeah, that.

3. Inception is an annoying movie not because of its complexity, but because of its lack of resolution at the end. MAJOR SPOILER WARNING! So this movie is basically about someone who wants to enter 3rd level dream, but then (almost) got trapped in 4th level dream, but then in the end managed to get to his reality, which turned out to be a 1st level dream in reality. My question is, where’s the real reality?! Hollywood, I need a resolution at the end of the movie!!! And it’s not that fancy, the plot was easily predictable. Boo! 2 stars out of 10.

So that’s it folks for this week!



Friendships transform

July 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

Friendships transform. The friendships transform you, while undergoing transformation themselves. There was a time when everything was for the better in my life. I was so connected with the soul of the universe. That was the time when I see everything as safe, secure, solid, and for certain. But storm after storm, with a little bit of sunshine here and there, I learned that like the weather, friendships transform.

There was also a time when everything was still too painful to write about. But now I feel different; liberated, free, light. Maybe that’s just me growing up. Or maybe that’s the simple act of moving on. Maybe that’s also because things around me change; people around me change and it just took me a while to understand and deal with it.

People say that there’s a line; when you cross it you can never go back to being “like before”. With some friends, I’ve passed that line and with deep regret and enormous relief, I realize things change. Now, like before is gone. We are who we are now, having what we have now, with whatever forms of relationships that exists now. It doesn’t mean we can’t make it better, but it definitely doesn’t say that it won’t get worse. Friendship takes its natural course and you’re made aware that you can’t control everything.

Maybe it’s just one of the most odd things in life that the ones who stick by your side are the ones you expect the least. The friends you expect the least. After all what builds friendship is respect and appreciation. At the end of the day, the ones I honour as my friends are the ones -despite everything that happens in each of our lives- who still have my utmost respect and appreciation.

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