Brown Monkey

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Interestingly creepy, a description of “me” provided by

You are Brown Monkey, who can show great consideration for those around you, and can act promptly and effectively.
Although you may show tense nervousness, you try hard never to lose your dignity.
You have strong ego, and you are very sure and confident about yourself.
Although you look gentle, you can be strong minded.
You also possess inquiring mind, that is greater than any other person.
You keep your every day frustration and anger inside, and blow it all at once.
You should not keep your frustration inside, but talk and interact with people.
You are intelligent person, and acts quickly.
You have a talent in creating and coming up with new ideas.
You are a very passionate person.
You are good at give and take tactics.
You can act without hesitation, so you would be good as a leader.
You are rather competitive, and your character is like that of a man.
You may make a wrong move by relying too much on your instinct, and not taking into consideration the circumstance.
You should be careful not to make the means turn into aims.
Your effort and will is thought highly of, but if you get too heated up, you may lose your momentum.
You will be successful if you can leave a room in your heart.
Even after you get married, your attention may be set outside your house.



Don’t learn to shrink your world

June 14, 2010 § 5 Comments

I had different discussions with different people today. It’s so funny, it actually reminded me of why I am pretty much not like most people here. Instead of just allowing us to grow, sometimes small minded people want us to shrink instead. And this is fine, I’ll deal with this common mentality my way ^_^ I’ll just keep doing my thing. I’m at a completely different ball game than most people I meet, which is OK.

But while we try to progress, perhaps a short excerpt and selection of this “letter to the president” is worth a spot on my blog.

Letter to the President #511: ‘A graduation speech: what not to learn’

by Tom Foreman


Don’t learn to criticize. Killing new ideas, poisoning new relationships, stomping enthusiasm into the ground is the work of the sinful; it demeans the human race and exposes your own pettiness far more than it underscores the mistakes of others.

Don’t learn to shrink your world. Reach out always and in every direction to find what others have to show you. Recognize ideas and wisdom no matter where they come from; heedless of the ethnicity, gender, religion, nationality, and/or culture of the source. The person who tells you that you are always right is a deceiver, and if you listen to them you are a fool.

Don’t learn to be a sucker. While maintaining an open mind and a welcoming attitude, do not allow yourself to be taken in easily by confidence men…

Don’t learn to shirk responsibility or hard work. Our burdens not only make us stronger, but also make us appreciate the light days…

Don’t learn that you have learned enough. You never have. You never will.


Coffee, laptop, airport terminals

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Somehow I had known that this is a big part of my life. But somehow I just have the conviction that someday I would work internationally, having domestic and international flights to get to work, and having to actually work on the go.

I love travelling for pleasure and spiritual purposes, but realistically I had always known that the international travel for work purposes may be filled with, well, the thoughts of work. When you travel alone on business days, there’s this thing I call “strangely familiar feeling”. Everyone walks alone, looking distressed or bored, and everyone pretty much seemed like they’d rather be somewhere else. Not as glamorous and adventurous as travelling per se. But that’s what I wanted, and that’s what I have started to endure… and enjoy.

So this morning, with a large cup of coffee, an opened laptop with an unfinished presentation draft in front of me, in an airport terminal: this is it. This is the life I once only imagined and now live in.

Same rocking attitude with more STYLE

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Hey you all,

I’ve been away for a while but NOT without blogging (somewhere else) and spreading some truth and goodness around me (which people do not necessarily like nor tolerate). But hey, here I am.

As you may notice I had some serious makeover here. I was bored with the old scheme, so I have a new theme now. It looks weird, to be honest. This is not exactly my choice, but I don’t know what else to choose, all the other themes are really much much uglier than this one.

Anyway, let’s just focus on the bright side: MAKEOVER. New theme, new tone, same rocking attitude with much more style. This is the new FREEDOCERE. In my other blogs I am the person who does her work. Here, I’m just me, and I gotta tell you, many people felt underrated by my awesomeness, but hey, who are they to feel inferior and intimidated and all grumpy and jealous when I’m still here blogging happily and “there” working passionately.

By now I really don’t know who are reading this blog; people know now me, people who don’t. But anyway, I hope you like the sincere honesty presented here. I have everything sugarcoated in my other blog, but here I’m losing my inhibition and I’m all in for the party. Yeay!

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