Each Day Once

May 31, 2009 § Leave a comment

When there’s too much baggage in one place then perhaps it’s time to move away, perhaps it’s time to go away. I’m at a place in my life where leaving everything behind and looking forward seems like a comforting treat for myself. It’s not an escape to paradise, to a resort, or to a leap year full of crazy parties. This is simply a time away, a meditation, something to quiet the mind.

I need to get away. Not because I’m chased, but because I need silence and retreat. There is training in engaging in battlefields and firestorm. There is also training in solace and stillness. And for someone who’s out of balance, I need to re-balance in my own way.

It has been long years of anticipation, perhaps overt enthusiasm made me less aware of the cracks upon the ground I walk on. I need to be steady again. Perhaps to be one with the earth I stand on.

Sometimes you wish to undo the day, skip the whole month, and preferably not remember any of the less comfortable things you’ve been in your whole life so you won’t ever have to live with the shame. Unfortunately that’s not how human life works.

You only get each day ONCE in your lifetime. So each must be appreciated, each must be the one you’re grateful of at the end of the day, because it’s each day has their own blessing. Whether the blessing is handed to you as it is or covered in some kind of disguise.

Whatever it is, however regrettable, things that can no longer be undone have to be accepted. And since we don’t get to know the future, it makes sense to forgive ourselves for the past; and to remember what is pure and good in the present.

Ajeng, 30-5-2009. https://freedocere.wordpress.com



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