just like jazz

May 6, 2009 § 3 Comments

I haven’t always been a jazz fan. I don’t know if I am now. All that I listen to is some bands who can perform live and light up the stage; and I had only started listening seriously to these genre 2 months ago.

So what is it about these bands and their music that I love?

Perhaps we should start with honesty. That time I wanted to move on, moved away from a bad past and move out the bad memories from my head. So I needed a fresh start. I needed a new perspective. I needed new music.

And now after enjoying them for some time, I get it. It’s a new experience everytime I play the song. They’re catchy, but they’re not boring. They have serious arrangements, and they have honest lyrics. And by honest I mean not all tears and heartbreaks. By honest I mean that if things hurt then they’re hurtful, but it’s okay and it will be better.

I love how these bands (and this type of music) makes me feel. They make me flow easily through life. They make me travel light without too much baggage. They make me enjoy myself. They give me a fresh perspective on life: that life, as complicated as it can be, is beautiful and enjoyable. Just like jazz.

ajeng, 6-5-09. https://freedocere.wordpress.com



§ 3 Responses to just like jazz

  • Roni says:

    maybe thats why.. some people say jazz is a simple music and very easy listening.. coz its about our soul and life.. full of emotions, expressions, improvisations, and explorations..

    btw, great note you made here.. ^_^

  • isky says:

    yeah, i read somewhere tht the word “jazz” is a slank for or**sm. perhaps there’s a silver lining, rite?

  • Gina says:

    uhmm… yang bener mas Isky??? hehehe…

    Jazz itu identik dengan eksplorasi ego… semakin pure jazz semakin egois para pemainnya…sampe kadang pusing juga didengerin… yang si gitaris main apa, bassistnya main kemana, pianisnya ntah mainin apa… tapi tetap enak buat dinikmati (kayak waktu nonton pertunjukkannya om Benny Likumahua, gue sempet mumet juga… tapi lama2 enjoy, hahahaha…, soalnya bisa puas liat si dek Dennis niup2 saxophone… uy,,uy,,kerrennnn)

    hihihihi… semua emang udah jalannya kali ya Jeng… pas elo lagi suntuk abiessss,,,pas ada javajazzfestival… pas elo lagi butuh temen hangout… pas ada gue…hahahaha…… Read More

    gue setuju dengan kalimat terakhir elo…
    hidup ini emang complicated, banyak masalah, banyak pilihan yang harus dibuat, tapi justru ini yang bikin qta makin kaya ya ^^ menyenangkan,, buktinya gue bisa ketemu temen2 kayak kalian… apalagi elo yang bikin gue lebih membuka mata gue untuk menilai suatu hubungan…thanks ya Jeng.
    Like it a lot ^^

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