Cruel Intentions and Bittersweet Symphony

April 25, 2009 § Leave a comment

I’m not exactly a movie freak but I love watching movies. Well, at least certain kinds. From the kinds that makes you hold your breath, full of anticipation, family/romantic comedy, crazy comedy (I love Jack Black), and even the ones with the weirdest coincidence (Just Like Heaven, My Sassy Girl).

Anyway, some movies I just can’t enjoy with my boyfriend (don’t ask me why). He hates some of the stuff I like, but hey, I’m pretty liberal myself so he can have his own opinion.

Anyway, talking about movies, yesterday I re-lived the most perfect moment in a movie. Cruel Intentions’ ending. The perfect blend of movie and music, cinematography at its maximum impact. The song was Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve, which pretty much sums up the movie plot, that life IS a bittersweet symphony. Above all, the truth and goodness will triumph. I especially love when Sarah Michelle Gellar walked out of the church, looked terrified and puzzled, with the music playing in the background. The key was in the music, the crescendo intro that leads to the moment where she appeared at the door. It was great acting and at that moment then.

The bad guy (Sarah Michelle Gellar), who always worked hard for her socially perfect image was caught in the end, even with the cross-coke-container still filled with the cocaine.

Of course to fully appreciate this movie ending, you have to watch the movie. They really build up the story until the final climactic moment, it was a shocker and perfect ending at the very end.

And, seeking comfort, we sometimes wonder if in real life the true faces of the devil will be clear enough for us to see.

– ajeng, 26-4-2009 –

Disclaimer: I do not own the movie Cruel Intentions and the soundtrack Bittersweet Symphony.



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