Kunci Kesuksesan?

April 6, 2009 § Leave a comment

Salah satu hal yang ditanamkan kakek saya, seorang guru dan ahli bedah, ke orang tua saya, dan akhirnya ke saya adalah:

“Kamu jangan mau jadi orang yang biasa-biasa saja.”

And that my friend, includes doing great things other than studying.

I was recently criticized in public for “receiving academic merit and recognition despite graduating later than other students in my year” (“mendapat penghargaan akademik walaupun lulus terlambat dibandingkan mahasiswa lain di angkatan saya”). That person (maybe with some other people) had thought that I didn’t deserve the recognition because well, I graduated late anyway. This late graduation is however caused by my receiving an international scholarship to the Netherlands and taking time off for personal medical reason. That person, does not recognize my initial reason for being late (international scholarship doesn’t come just free to just any people at my place). In other words, that person doesn’t recognize my international academic achievement, and lowers me to the “local” (or perhaps his own?) standard of what is considered an achievement (“graduating in time although barely”, lulus tepat waktu walau pas-pasan). And I assume, that person is also putting himself/herself just into the local, and not international standard.

Funny. In most places, extracurricular activities and personal skills are considered an asset when accepting doctors for residency. It turned out, in some other places, the game is played rather differently. A game where achievement is apparently still irrelevant to existence. How worthy you are is NOT measured by how much you know and what you can do. A game that nurtures incompetence and mediocrity.

For the family that nurtures me, anything less than great is failure. Even if the greatness is just in the efforts. So if you’re thinking that I don’t deserve what I get, that I don’t deserve my gifts and opportunities, then know this: They are gifts and responsibilities from the heavens for me.

Everything is serious, and everything is done with hard work. Everything is earned. Every achievement is the fruit of sacrifice and laborous work.

And perhaps envious people, if you are among them, should answer this: What have you earned and achieved?


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