April 6, 2009 § Leave a comment

There’s something exotic and foreign about Bandung. Everybody has their shopping trips in Bandung, but I got it more intimate. With angkot trips, their endless transfers and long stop, getting to the market and book market.

Jogja will forever be my Utrecht, just like Utrecht is forever my Jogja, bohemian. The American College Dictionary defines Bohemian as “a person with artistic or intellectual tendencies, who lives and acts with no regard for conventional rules of behavior.” Somehow Jogja is always laid back, with laid back young people in cafes and coffe shops. Busy, but relaxed. And I get that from both Utrecht and Jogja.

Bandung is a different land. It’s as if I might fall in love with this place if I stayed too long or knew it a little better. What is not to love about Bandung? Full of young people, energy, and everyone is supposed to be cultural in their own way. Looking around, especially with my boyfriend beside me, I thought, “This place is full of smart people”. I never get that from Jogja. Jogja follows, Bandung is where everything starts. Savvy. Sassy.

Semarang is my gate to the rest of the world.

Jogja is my root of existence.

Jakarta is a reminder of who I am and what inspires me.

And Bandung. Bandung is my guilty pleasure.


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