Ground Zero

March 27, 2009 § Leave a comment

It was a fabulous holiday 2 weeks ago. Everything started simply because I had wanted to watch Java Jazz Festival (JJF) in Jakarta. And the fact that I finally had finished my studies needed its own celebration. So I went to Jakarta, stayed at my aunt’s place somewhere in the south of Jakarta, not really knowing what to expect other than a great jazz event.

It turned out to be a self-cleansing holiday, a mind-clearing trip. The holiday was a blessing in disguise. I went to Jakarta with an anxiety of a personal problem, something big enough that has been bothering my mind for almost a year. I thought that I needed a closure on this matter, I couldn’t let it linger and drain my energy and my life. And in Jakarta, I found my soul again.

The holiday started with a meeting with my high school best friend. Guy friend. He’s so adorable and fun and I’m just so used to hanging out with him when he was still studying in UGM Jogja, that when he graduated Jogja was rather meaningless without him there. A good man, a great friend.

Saturday was time for JJF. Another best friend, with her friend, picked me up at my aunt’s place. We’re joined by another friend then head off to Senayan. The performances we watched were great, we had fun and fabulous music! 3 pm to 1 am. Haha… that’s a great way to finish off medicine!

Sunday was a family gathering, huge family gathering with 20 close family. My aunt’s bday dinner… it’s great to be with everyone. We had the dinner at Gandy in Menteng, a rather historical place for our family, that’s where we have the big family gathering since my grandparents’ time. It’s good to remember that we’re still the same people, the same family, and at the same time reflect on where we are in our lives at the moment.

Monday!!! Meeting my primary school bestfriend. Unbelievable. Our friendship survived 18 years of separation, the non-existence of cell phones and pretty much different life choices. She now has a master’s degree in English literature, and.. I’m almost done with medicine. I think we both read books religiously, although they’re different kinds. It’s always good to see her. I wasn’t a long meeting, and then I was picked up to go to Bogor! An impromptu trip, not really planned, which made it even better. In the evening we were back to Jakarta and hang out for a while in McCafe in Kemang.

Tuesday, I had a date with my best friend already. We went to a huge mall, enjoyed a huge lunch (an expensive treat for myself), and watched Valkyrie at the cinema.

Wednesday, the great pantomime performance by French artist Phillipe Bizot in Salihara theater, an invitation from a friend (Dari Colosseo ke Salihara).  It’s was late when we got back, and still went to Kemang Fest for dinner. We talked until really late, and in the end she decided to spend the night at my place because she was too tired to drive that late.

Thursday, my extended family and I watched my aunts perform Wayang Orang in Gedung Kesenian Jakarta, a wonderful and colourful performance. Again, this is just what my family does, dance and perform Javanese wayang orang. And it’s always nice to watch it in a place as extravagant as GKJ.

Friday, meeting a friend. And Saturday, meeting more friends from high school! It was a little reunion. And on Sunday morning I went to Dufan with 2 high school best friends. I wasn’t that daring with the rides, but it was fantastic, although we had to leave early, fearing it might rain, since we took the bus.

And the next Monday… I was off to Bandung!


Getting together with my friends have been good for me. They care about me. And my best friends, well, they love me unconditionally, they really do. There’s safety in knowing that. They’ll always be my family in the strange land of Jakarta. They remind me of who I was, what I’ve become, and where I’m heading. It’s even great to hear the repetitive jokes again. What matters is the storytelling and the shared laughters.

Sometimes the new beginning started from our past. I had searched for somewhere to begin. What kind of person am I? where do I belong in this world? Who do I love? Who loves me? Answers come from different places. From great best friends who love me. From a music concert. From an old friend from primary school. From a new journal and a pen given by a good friend. From a funky yellow-black bracelet on my wrist. From a holiday filled with dinners, conversations, and the realization of being loved and appreciated.

Begin, grow, flow. So this is ground zero. This is where I begin as a person, a woman, a lover, an artist, a humbled human being. This is where another chapter of my life begins. It’s not just a matter of where I fit in life. It’s a matter of where things are fitted into my life. I’m young, fresh. I’m starting at the point of my life where I feel encouraged, brave and enthusiastic.

So, it was a fabulous holiday. An inspiring one. A great one. One not just for my body and mind, but also for my soul and spirit. Get your holiday. It will affect you in so many ways that you didn’t expect.


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