to that birthday girl

March 22, 2009 § 1 Comment

To that birthday girl

I wish her happiness
I wish her life of joy
Life of overcoming obstacles

I wish her success
I wish she carries her life well, I wish life carries her well
I wish her blossoming flowers
I wish her warm and breezy spring

To that birthday girl
That friend at toughest time
That friend who stayed when I cried
That friend who cherishes the beauty in lif

Respected like a teacher
Loved like a best friend
Missed like a sister
Cherished, like a blossoming flower

To that birthday girl
Happy birthday!

Love, ajeng

** for the friend who’ve seen it all of me. Gina, happy bday dear!


§ One Response to to that birthday girl

  • Aul.. says:

    Bagi ya jeng..
    Eh maksudnya g copy paste bwt temen g..
    Bukannya ga kreatif,tp puisinya emang bagus..

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