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January 21, 2009 § 2 Comments

I keep track of several medical students blog in Medscape. They are not anonymous. This morning, I saw one blog titled “My journey through medical school” from a US medical student. And I wondered if I’d ever written my own experience through medical school. And the answer is NO, I’ve never written about my journey through medical school. And now I’m almost through medical school.

Why did I write publicly? Say there are 10 people who go through an experience. 8 may think about it once in a while. 6 seriously contemplated their experience. 4 thought about writing that experience. 2 eventually wrote about it. But perhaps only 1 spoke truly about the depth of that experience, a moment, honesty about the glory or failure. I’ve chosen to be 1 out of 10 people, the one who eventually speaks and tell a story.

I write my journey through life, through experiences, hardship and happiness, but never specifically through medical school. I write about my experiences abroad (one was an intercultural course + voluntary camp for 2 months in France and Italy, a UNESCO organized program; another is a medical course and internship for 3 months in Holland). In fact I started the blog because I went to France. But those writings were mostly my experience, my fascinations, my pleasure in finding beauty through travelling and meeting new people.

There is so much life in this blog. Those who’ve been reading it for 2 years, or at least through the part where my journey was toughest (being discriminated in Rome because I looked so muslim is not exactly easy), can appreciate me more than just the medical student who write stuff. There is emotion, sweat, and from what I learn to appreciate, an enduring spirit through life.

Personally for me, the joy, the beauty, the tough stuff, can not be packed in this box called “my journey through medical school”. Legal issues, formal and informal rules, cultural reasons require me to be extremely critical of myself. Simple to say that I choose to not frame my writings as my journey through medical school,because most of them (90%?) is not related to med school anyway.

The blog is not about med school, not about people in med school, they’re not meant for med school audience in particular. This blog is not anonymous, but shows less than 10% of who I really am. This blog is definitely NOT all what there is of me.

I hope the new audience/readers of this blog can now get to know me a little better, more than just one or two posts that people gossip about. Yes I study medicine, yes I want to be great in what I do, and yes, I write in english in a quite lovely way for an Indonesian.

One profound Latin expression is my source of inspiration: Docendo disco, scribendo cogito, I learn by teaching, think by writing. I write because I learn, I write because I think.

I have learned to grow by experiencing life, feeling, doing, contemplating, and eventually writing. Once again, this blog is for us to be able to share the enduring spirit and beauty of life.

ajeng. semarang 21-1-09



§ 2 Responses to Blog of enduring spirit and beauty of life

  • Mellissa says:

    Jeng… 1 question :
    Dr. Soeharso itu kakek lo dr bokap or nyokap ?

    Its like being a doctor runs in your blood already even before you were born hehehe..

  • multatuli says:

    Yah lo liat dong.. mertua kakek gw tuh dokter bu. Jadi gw hanya menerima gen2 yang mreka wariskan aja, haha…
    Itu kakek dari bokap.
    Nenek dr bokap hobi traveling ngikut kakek gw kalo kluar negri, hoho…
    Kakek dari nyokap gw ahli hukum pertanahan.
    Nenek gw dari nyokap is an artist (gamelan+javanese dance)

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