over the years

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Over the years, friendships formed, friendships break.

Bestfriend found, bestfriend lost.

Pain washed away, pain come.


It was

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it’s amazing, it’s quick

but it’s the deep water that turned out being shallow

it’s the weak stream stuck behind the rocks

it’s small and unflattering

it’s the talk about growing,but never the walk

it’s shy and timid, hesitant

it’s never trustworthy

it’s never with all our hearts

it’s confused and indecisive

it’s the fight that never quite make it

it’s fears over fears because no one consoles

it’s two people wanting to be catered to

it’s never creative, never inspiring

it’s fun but forever questionable

it’s straining, blame and avoidance

it’s refusal to grow up and learn

it should be brave

it should be shelter, comfort

it should be inspiration

it should be our wings

it was not what it should’ve been

ajeng, september 2008

Intense, Passionate, Beautiful

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From Paulo Coelho’s Warrior of Light Online (www.warriorofthelight.com/)

“Respect for mistery”

Whenever I read this text, I used to wonder: can we never discover the face of love?

I had to live for many years before I realized that love is an act of faith in another person, and its face should continue to be wrapped in mystery. It should be lived and relished at each and every minute, but whenever we try to understand it, the magic vanishes.

When I accepted this I also began to let my life be guided by a strange language that I call “signs”. I know that the world is talking to me, I need to listen to it, and if I do so I shall always be guided towards what is most intense, passionate and beautiful. Of course, it is not easy and at times I feel like Psyche at the cliff, cold and terrified, but if I can pass through that night and deliver myself to the mystery and faith in life, I will always end up waking in a palace. All I need is to trust in Love, even though I run the risk of making a mistake.

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