November 18, 2007 § Leave a comment

Dear all,

I haven’t written anything for quite sometime. Things have been hectic. I had my Ear Nose Throat rotation last month, and it was 4 weeks of writing case reports and assignments, attending case presentations, presenting my own case reports and getting ready for the final exam. At the same month, Dr. Keuter, my professor in Radboud Nijmegen came to Semarang for her research with Dr. Hussein. I attended some of the meetings as well. Another thing is, during that crazy week of ENT and Dr. Keuter coming, I have a basketball match of FK Porseni and my best friend coming to Semarang. It’s all to much. In between everything, I got a gastritis attack, not uncommon during my stress-filled days.

My bestfriend visiting was good though. There was some tension in the past, and though we had spoken of so many things before, a lot more was revealed this time. And we’re both glad of this chance.

And… now I’m in forensics. We’ll see how things go.

Love, ajeng



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