October 18, 2007 § Leave a comment


This holiday is quite exceptional. Really fun.

It started with my birthday on 11th, with family dinner in the evening.

Then on 12th I did my Eid prayer.

On 13th I picked up Kat at 5.30am to watch Eid prayer. We parked the car in Kariadi and then walk to Lapangan Kalisari to watch the prayer there. It was quite fun to watch the children among their praying parents and all the people selling baloons and toys at the back. Afterwards we went to my place to have ketupat. Some friends came afterwards.

On 14th we really got started with our holiday, Kat came to my place in the morning, dropped off by Dr. Lukas, her host father (or grandfather?) here. Dr. Lukas had quite a long conversation with my father as well. Afterwards we left our house for Solo. Long trip with traffic jam. We stopped by at Salatiga to have our breakfast, where Kat tried her first ever super-sweet kopi susu. We arrived in Solo after an extra long car ride. It was so fun just to see my grandma speaking dutch to Kat. We had lunch there, met my aunt, uncle and cousin. Unfortunately we couldn’t stay for long, we had to leave for Magelang. We went through Cepogo and Selo. We enjoyed some breathtaking view in Selo just before sunset. The ride to Magelang through Ketep was quite scary. Thick mist, no moonlight, no street lamp. And… it was a real treat when we got to Magelang. We booked a resort to stay in, 2 rooms for the 5 of us, and it turned out to be an amazing place. Two huge rooms with really big bathrooms with a closed garden at the back.

15th. The day started early, Tommy (bro), my father and Kat made good use of the swimming pool. We had a great view from the pool area to the surrounding landscape. Breakfast by the pool, then we left for Jogja. Of course the must-do in all Jogja holiday: Malioboro! We parked in the train station and started walking from there. And after going halfway through Malioboro we took an andong ride back to the station. Wow. Quite nice to just enjoy Jogja as a tourist this time, instead of coming just for buying books! We left Malioboro and head to Kaliurang, with lunch as always, in sate Parto. Then to my grandparent’s house. Had a look around, showed Kat our family pictures, the house and the huge garden. Then we left again for Tlogo Putri, which at the time was so crowded. We still had some fun watching all the fuss there. Quick stop at the Mirota shop and then it’s a long ride back to Magelang.

16th. We left after breakfast to Parangtritis! As Kat put it, it’s a whole different way of enjoying the beach!!! Yeah, it’s quite new for her to see people by the beach in full clothes, chasing each other, playing football by the water, throwing wet muddy sand, and just sitting there getting wet. And all the time we’re holding our umbrellas, it was freaking hot. Then after getting our feet dirty with the drying and now sticky sand we sat around for es kelapa muda, unsurprisingly filled with sugar. We continued going to Prambanan, went to see the temple with some historical info from my mother the archeologist. We stopped for coffee somewhere then going back for Ramayana dance!!! It’s amazing. I know this story well, seen it in Balinese version twice, this is also already my second time watching it in Prambanan, and I can still enjoy it. The place was full, it’s good that we made a reservation before.

17th. We were so tired from the day before and decided to drop the original Jogja plan and head to Ketep instead. Another sightseeing… and then we went through Kopeng and Salatiga, stopped for lunch in Banaran and finally…back in Semarang after a very nice holiday.



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