the dance performance in Naples

July 15, 2007 § Leave a comment

These are pics of my dance performance in Naples, Italy. We were ending the international workcamp and decided to have this cultural event, a fiesta, with the locals, our neighbours around the immigrant center. And yeah, I performed Gambang Semarang, the traditional dance. My last traditional dance performance was about 10 years ago. So this was really challenging. During the dance I just didn’t pay attention to the audience, I was so focused in trying not to mess up my moves. All I know was that afterwards, people came to me, giving me hugs and kisses and said, “Wow, Angelica, that’s really beautiful… Thanks.” Angelica was how I was called then, my Italian nickname given by the italians there. Hm, glad they liked it. I didn’t know what was going on in the audience then, but when I opened the pictures again from that summer night in 2005, I realized what was it like for them to watch the dance performance. I guess it was a cultural experience for them even just to watch someone who had been working in the neighborhood to perform for them.





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