the friendships: beginnings and endings

June 26, 2007 § Leave a comment

When does a friendship start? When does one end?

There were several things I remember.

Once I met this quiet, shy girl in the class. We were 6 at that time, I was the new girl at school and she’d been the best Grade I student the previous year. We started talking and playing together after a while. The friendship has lasted 16 years until today.

Once in junior high school I met this class clown, he’s just hilarious and not very much interested in classroom assignments. The friendship started when we’re finishing high school. He has been one of the best friends I can ever ask for; he’s still a storyteller until today, but an academically successful one. I can always rely on him. It’s been difficult telling people that we’re not in a relationship. We’ve been friends for almost 9 years now.

Once, I really didn’t know who this girl was. Someone just told me if I need a bass player then I should ask her to join my band. I did. It was one of the best decisions we made as a band, and the beginning of a supportive friendship that has sustained me through to good and the bad.

Once, I met this girl who knew me, I had no idea who she was. We met in a tough period of both of our lives. A lot of time spent together. Laughters, music, tears. You never know how fast they can lead to a friendship.

Once, in class I borrowed this girl’s library card, and then she offered to take me to the library herself. Afterwards we decided to have dinner and get some drink the next day. It was a start of a much needed friendship that stretches halfway across the globe.

Those were some beginnings of some friendships. All worth cherishing.

Some friendships ended before you even decide they should.

Once, this person decided to pull away from me. Perhaps it’s my fault, since I couldn’t respect her decisions. Or it’s her fault, for not being able to keep having me as her friend. As what someone told me once, “the friendship just bled to death”. That’s exactly how it felt.

Another time, I decided to keep my distance from this person. I just realized that there are a lot of emotional issues that she needs to figure out for herself. She was dragging me down with her, and I was seeing this friendship as a destructive one. It just had to end for my own sake.

With some, you thought it’s gonna last forever, and it just doesn’t.
With others, you never thought it would last for long, then after years and years you still respect and appreciate each other for being there.
With the ones you have now, you want to keep in your heart and in your life for eternity, because you know what last through the bad are the ones worth keeping.



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