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Some people talk long, thinking that they teach, but they’re actually depressed and bitter and not appreciating life and the importance of learning by thinking they already know everything.
Some people are patronizing, thinking that they have overcome all obstacles in their lives and now they’re better than everyone else, but they’re actually blinded and have stopped developing their potentials.
I quietly learned to not be like them.

But I have teachers teaching me how I can live my life better.
Some of them know that they teach me important lessons, things I have to carry and hold on to throughout my life.
Some know that they teach me lessons I will hold on for a while until I find my own path.
Some have no idea that they teach me at all.
All are worth learning from, all are still learning on their own.

Paulo was the first one who teach me about living in spirituality and having faith in destiny.

El was the first one to teach me about loving other people and appreciating them, the first one letting me be myself despite what others expect me to be.

Quraish was the one to teach me to love people who are so different from me. He’s the one teaching me a lot more about my religious faith. He was the one who told me that everything in the world is rooted in goodness, because they come from God.

Bernie is the one who teaches me that not only we have to teach patients, but we must learn from them. Not only we try to fix their body and awaken their spirit, but we must let them heal and teach us the meaning of patience, persistence and humility.

Lanny is the one who’s taught me courage and strength. She’s fought harder than anyone I’ve ever known in my life, and yet, she kept no resentment, no regrets, no bitterness. She is a genuinely loving person with a wonderful spirit; an inspiring character.

Mr.John is the one who gives me example of both humility in behaviour and confidence in knowledge. He told me of that learning abroad means that I have to constantly readjust myself to the way of living and habits in Indonesia, even the ones we consider foolish and unnecessary. He teaches me that making a difference for the whole nation is possible. He has done that for some time.

Francoise is the teacher who had first told me that she personally wanted to teach me. And it was the most humbling experience. This woman, who works for international organizations, with decades of experience in serving poor people in developing countries, who has published her research works everywhere, who tried to make the world a better place for the poorest of the poor, offered to teach me. I said I would love the chance to have her mentor me. Listening to her lectures opened up so many new doors of knowledge for me, and having a discussion with her is teaches me how to be a better thinker. She constantly makes me analyze things, stimulates me to be creative and expand myself.

Mr.H was the one who know nothing about me at first. But then I tried to introduce myself to him, hoping that he’d accept me as his student. I wanted so much to learn from him and for him to recognize my potential as a student. He was hesitant and skeptical at first. And I kept studying hard not because I wanted to impress him but because I had wanted to learn whatever I could even by myself. After some time he expressed his willingness to teach me, as long as I commit myself to learning. From then on he always encourage and support me in my work. He told me the joy of working in his field. The pleasure of teaching, the excitement of learning. How we should serve those who have the potentials to learn. How we should serve the impoverished. How we should be content in our pursuit, even if it’s not driven by economic motives. Then he told me to be committed to my field of choice, and that there’s no other way of reaching success other than genuine commitment. To have a strong character. To always be humble. To give respect and appreciation to my teachers. To have honorable character in academic pursuit. He is the one setting up examples for me and wishing me to continue important things that his teachers have laid down for him in the past, to be passed on to others after me.
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