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Last month, I had asked BIG BOSS (the boss of both Corry, my supervising resident/tutor, and me) about the possibility of me having a Friday off at the hospital. And she basically told me how interesting all the things I was going to do in the hospital, how everything would be tailored to make sure I can learn as much as possible. And by that she meant "Well, you’re better not have any day off!!!" although she didn’t explicitly say the words. And she was right: everything was so interesting, and I’ve learned SO MUCH. However, me being me, and Barcelona being the city that it is, I simply decided to have a trip there. I’ve been in Madrid in 2005, but Barcelona is… Dunno man, just the thought of visiting the country really makes me excited.

And this weekend is the only weekend when I can go. The flight to Barcelona will be on Friday morning, so for sure I will miss a Friday at the hospital. I decided to book the ticket anyway. And… yesterday, I tried to speak to BIG BOSS about me going to miss a Friday. I didn’t receive the response I had expected. She looked at me with such… disbelief (?) which I can only imagine as exclamation marks without any words spoken. Then she had to leave immediately, so she told me to talk to her more about it later on. I emailed her to explain about the plan and that, well, I’d booked the flight so I would go anyway, and I would be back at the hospital on Monday.

I finally confided to Corry today about BIG BOSS’ reaction yesterday and that I emailed her. I told Corry, "I hope she would just give me a break on this one and let me have a day off."

Corry then, being the nicest most supportive supervising resident said, "Yeah, you deserve it. It’s not much, one day in one month."

YEAH, EXACTLY!!! I wished BIG BOSS was the one saying that.

But then Corry said again, "BUT. There’s something about the way BIG BOSS reacts to what you’re telling her. She would LOOK at you, with her eyes wide open. Like you made a… (trying to find the most appropriate wording)" I suggested "… big mistake???" Corry continued, "… FATAL MISTAKE!!!" That was so freaking true. SO. It wasn’t just me whom she gives THE LOOK to, it’s also Corry, and perhaps just everyone! My gosh… We then had a good laugh about it. BIG BOSS and THE LOOK.

After lunch I got an email from BIG BOSS, and she actually wish me a pleasant trip to Barcelona. So… yeah, somehow, my BIG BOSS managed to be a nice and supportive supervising consultant of infectious disease, and let me have a Friday off. Extreme action needed for extreme plan. And sometimes, it involves enduring THE LOOK that made me feel like I just did a fatal mistake.


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