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Corry told me about her very first day in surgery rotation. She was in orthopedics and that exact first day also she attended a surgery. And… the job of the co-ass is to hold the foot of the patient. She showed me, she had to lift the whole leg, hold it by the ankle, and make sure it stays in that position so that the surgeon can operate on the femoral area.

And at some point, the surgeon accidentally cut an artery, and the next thing she knew, blood was spurting to her face mask. Of course, it’s the artery!!! She was wearing a protective plastic mask which covers her entire face, so at least it’s safe. She said the blood had spurt 5 times before someone put his finger on the sliced artery to block the leakage. She really couldn’t see anything at that time because of the massive amount of blood covering the mask. And after a while the surgeon yelled, "Can someone please wipe the co-ass mask!!!"

How thoughtful of that surgeon.

Anyway, back to Corry. By then she was covered in blood, and the nurse wiped the face mask. So instead of having red blood spurts on the mask, the wiping spread the blood more evenly on the mask. Then she had to see through the plastic face mask, which by then was pinkish of the thin layer of blood. She said that all she could think of at that time was how she could keep the leg still, otherwise the surgeons wouldn’t be able to fix the leaking artery.

She then felt lightheaded and after a while everything looked darker. And she then asked to the nurses, whether someone can hold the leg for a while. Nobody would, they said she was just spoiled and just couldn’t see so much blood. Corry said to me, "Well, I actually wasn’t seeing blood anymore. I was seeing black." So one nurse took over, and Corry walked out of the room. "I leaned against the wall, I couldn’t see anything, everything was black. And then I actually felt myself sliding down to the floor."

This whole story made me laugh into tears. Seriously.

I told her, " I can totally see this as an episode in Grey’s Anatomy!!!" Blood spurts and Blackout. She seemed to agree on that. We then hypothesized how lightheadedness during procedures is a combination of hypoglycemia and focusing your eyesight too much on one spot for a long time.


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