can you we recognize our patient today?

April 11, 2007 § Leave a comment

Yesterday, when we entered the room of Mr. Link, we were a bit puzzled. He sat on the chair instead of lying down, the way we remembered him from our visit the following day. Corry did the talking as usual. After we went out we started discussing about how different he looked, and whether or not it was actually Mr. Link. We’re quite confused because he simply looked nothing like the Mr. Link we’d known for several days!!! Could it be someone else? We contemplated on this, because… yeah, mixing up the patient and the room number and the medication can have serious consequences. Well, we checked. It was the right room number, even the right name on the chart by his bed. And… I am very sorry to say this, but my brain still can not register nor differentiate Caucasian male over 70 years old well enough. Meaning for me, all white men over 70 years old looks similar to each other, at least during the first few times I see them. I’m certainly ashamed to expose this, but hey, gotta honest once in a while. Perhaps it was also because in my mind, somewhat I had expected to see a sick old man lying on his back, and now we see this fighter sitting on the chair and having his lunch.

Anyway. Today we went there again to follow up on him. Before entering, Corry said to me, "Let’s see if we can recognize him today!!!" Terrible "joke", but so true, and absolutely funny!!! I mean, yeah… this thing can happen guys…


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