2 weeks in review

April 1, 2007 § Leave a comment


Indonesia masih sebulan lagi. Other things I’ve done besides attending course this month:

  • 12/3/07 Dinner with a friend from first course at her place, also with 2 other international students
  • 13/3/07 Dinner with all the international students, professors from the first (Health and Disease in the Tropics) and the second course (Public Health: International Perspective), and the faculty counselor.

We had a great time!!! Also, the Indonesian food was nice and very Indonesian I must say. Tasty!!!

  • 14/3/07 Went to external relations office to take care of my financial arrangements.

I had planned to move out from the Radboud hotel at the end of March. However, a friend of mine who had agreed to help me move urged me to do it that day while he had the time and his car with him. I had 30 minutes to pack all my things and we finally moved my suitcase with his car. I still left some stuff behind.

It’s a big transition,  from a room in Radboud hotel (2x3m with sink, bed, desk, wardrobe) to a more comfy accommodation with a strong feel of home and lot of heart (a BIG student room, 5x4m, sink, double bed, tv, dvd player, stereo, internet, wardrobe, refrigerator, microwave, a set of english textbook).

You see, the Radboud hotel is the official accommodation provided by the faculty for the international students. But the student room is a big favor from a dear friend of mine, local Dutch med student who is going abroad for 2 months.

My first night in the new place!!!

  • 15/3/07 Went out with friends to the city center.
  • 16/3/07 Went to the bank and dropped it off to the student office (just another financial arrangement thing).
  • 17/3/07 Went to Kroller-Muller museum (you know the story!!!)
  • 18/3/07 Dinner with a dutch friend from first course and other international students in the Radboud hotel. Some cultural exchange for my dutch friend who’s leaving for Tanzania the following week. We had Tanzanian food. One thing I couldn’t bring myself to do: eat banana WITH rice as main course. I still left out the banana for dessert.
  • 19/3/07 Dinner with my Belgian friend from the Radboud hotel.
  • 20/3/07 Went shopping with Bob to Toko Rinus (good stuff there guys, Indonesian food lovers: get your boemboe and other ingredients there!!!) and Albert Heijn, then we went to Sylvia’s apartment for a night of Indonesian dinner. After that: DVD time! The whole thing had been so good that we decided to do it again the following week.
  • 21/3/07 Went to Honours Programme lecture and dinner in Aula in the evening; then left early for Tropico meeting where I did a presentation about cultural learning and some introduction about life in central java. Tropico is the meeting for dutch students who already did or considering to do their research/internship in developing countries. Fun presentation and great participants. My highlight of the week!
  • 22/3/07

Happy hour in the faculty bar (that’s what it is, right?! To my Indonesian reader: it is a bar, and it is inside the medical faculty)

Dinner with the class of the second course. KVZ2 is definitely less intense in terms of hours and group work compared to KVZ1, but one big advantage: it’s a small class and it’s easier to organize group thing! We had the dinner in Inge’s apartment (BIG thanks!), a treat for the international students from the dutch students. Long and pleasant talk with everyone and as usual, heavy photo session afterwards!

  • 23/3/07 Appointment for inspection of my Radboud hotel room before officially checking out on Monday.

Then I went with Jean Paul (intl student from Burkina Faso) to the city center… just for fun. Then we went to my place for Indonesian dinner and dvd!

  • 24/3/07 Went to Den Haag (you also know the story!!!)
  • 25/3/07 Went to Den Bosch (come on guys… It’s the previous post!), then picked up all the rest of my stuff from the Radboud hotel: official check-out.
  • 26/3/07 Indonesian dinner with a friend I knew from sport center.
  • 27/3/07

I was introduced to the hospital today by dr. Keuter. I even already joined a microbiology meeting (conducted in english due to my presence). I went around, see all the places I need to see and meet the staff.

After that, Bob and I really had to struggle to do the shopping… We had to cook for 10 people, and the goods for that many people was obviously HEAVY. Of course, we did the shopping the dutch way: with bicycles. Bob carried the heaviest stuff and we even had to stop for a break in the middle of the bike ride back to his place. He cooked for us. With some helping hands from Chella and Sylvia. After the food was ready, and a bit cold, the other intl students came… Nice dinner, warm atmosphere.

  • 28/3/07 Honours programme lecture in the evening about health care service for the immigrants in The Netherlands.
  • 29/3/07 Exam
  • 30/3/07 Presentation of paper in class. Disturbing day for me for some reason.

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