KVZ1 Health n Disease in The Tropics

March 11, 2007 § 1 Comment

kalo ngga pake bahasa indo, ga muncul di friendster tmen indo.

It started very casually. I came quite early to class, saw the professor and two dutch students who’d already been there. I introduced myself to them and waited for the others to arrive. Then there were 19 of us altogether; 7 international students (4 from Tanzania, 1 from El Salvador, and… 1 from Indonesia) and 12 dutch students. We got to know a bit more about each other before the lecture started. Afterwards, it’s just a good chemistry with the whole class until the end of the course after 1 month.

Some dutch and international students hangout after class too I think. Or at least I did.

The courses started 8.45am and finished mostly around 4pm; long and sometimes exhausting hours. We had coffee breaks and lunch together whenever we could; the tropical medicine gang of dutch and international students.

We’re continuously given groupworks, making the interaction between the dutch and international students intense. The international students were always distributed evenly in the different group. We’re almost forced to stay together all the time because of the amount of work that we must finish as a group. Some tasks can be split and worked on individually, but most of the time we must sat together and had lots of discussions.

After the first week it was becoming obvious that we had our own "cliques" already: the people we prefer to work together with in a group just because we’d already known them better than others. Although we’re given the freedom to choose the topics that interest us the most, as well as the chance to form our own group, it’s pretty much the same people ending up in the same group. It’s easier when you’re already familiar with how that other person works, or when you know you’re a good and lethally sharp combination together.

We learned a lot during the course, and not just about tropical medicine. It’s also about working together as a group, getting to know others from different backgrounds, and having a great time. I enjoyed the whole experience during the course. A friend from this class said that the month had been very enriching for her, which I’m sure the thought many of us shared.

Hmm… tropical medicine huh… It’s all about viral, bacterial, protozoan and worm diseases in the tropics. However, reflecting back, it’s good to know that I ended up with new friends (my dear classmates -OK this is very indonesian to call your classmates your friends) and even found myself a really good friend.

You have to focus more on the people, and not just the disease; the wise doctors say. And yes, please do remember all the good things!

(Hello Jean Paul, Maria, Mariam, Omari, Luis, Tito, Heleen, Esther K, Esther G, Sylvia, Chella, Arash, Bob, Mieke, Bianca, and Katharina!!! And guys, please leave your comments through the "comment" link just below) 



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§ One Response to KVZ1 Health n Disease in The Tropics

  • Another Ayu says:

    Mbak Ajeng….
    Keren banget! Please keep writing, so that I will know whatever is there in Holland.
    Mbak, aku dah disuruh ngumpulin ‘bagian’ buat KI, but I don’t have any idea. Parah ya.
    Dulu gimana sih mbak Ajeng bisa dapet dosen pembimbing pak Onang? Mbak Ajeng ngajuin judul apa piye? Itu dulu penelitian payung ya? Pengen…

    Makasih banget mbak, really need your help! ^.^ (he maksa).

    Dai-yang kangen mau dicritain apapun…

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