a week in review

February 26, 2007 § Leave a comment

MONDAY, 19/2. Studying day. I forced myself to get out of bed, which was very difficult, and just sit in the living room. Then later in the afternoon I went to the library for some studying, not much. Then I called Neeltje to have dinner in the restaurant. The food was really bad, but I just felt like eating hot food in the restaurant that night. Maybe I was still quite sick so I didn’t eat as much as I’d like to.


Glad I’ve felt really good in the morning. We went to the police to have our name and passport registered. It was a strange setting in the police. The policeman didn’t look like your typical police officer. He’s probably more of the undercover type: long hair, rugged look, casual clothing. Then he let me in. It’s a very strange office. There’s a table with the computer facing the door, and I was told to sit at the other end of the table. Then he had a lid blocking my way from where I sit to the door, so I was actually cornered. Then he just asked for my passport and asked some questions about when I arrived and when I’d leave, if this was my first time in Holland and Nijmegen. Then he scanned my passport, put a "permit" sticker on it, and gave me a card that I’d have to give to the immigration when I leave. He said that now I’m registered and if I come again to Holland they’d have my data. Whatever dude. I was just happy of that cool pink sticker. Whatta souvenir, I thought. Any questions, he asked. Nope. Ok, thanks. Bubbye. So I left. Then I went with Luis to the station to get extra credit for my mobile phone. Then I went back alone by bus. And I took bus number 4, and asked the bus driver for Radboud hospital. He tried to say something in dutch. And I just thought, "Oh, whatever. I’ll get off when I see something I recognize." Then the bus went. When we turned to Erasmuslaan, a girl came to me and said, "If you want to go to the hospital you have to get off here because after this the bus will go to the other way. Do you know where to walk?" And I was quite surprised that she had paid attention to my ineffective conversation with the bus driver and were kind enough to help me out. The bus stopped exactly in front of my place, so it was no problem at all. Still, it’s good to get unexpected assistance from strangers: you won’t feel so alone in a foreign place. 

I decided to study in the main library instead of my room. The point was to have some quiet space where I could study without being bothered by anyone making too much noise on my floor. So I brought all my books and notes and went to the biggest room in the library, got myself a huge empty table and just spread every pages in front of me. Actually, that’s what everyone do there: read and study. So it really brought out the inner-study-mood in you. It’s very easy to just "get in the zone" and focus and memorize. I’ve never studied in a place like that in my entire life. And I thought: it would be nice to come here again, to Nijmegen, to this library, to study. I love this place.


Today we had the exam. I’m happy because I think I did quite well. Dr monique asked before the test, "Perlu kamus?" I smiled and said no thank you. Ya ampyun… I had no idea her indonesian is that good. I should speak it with her, just so she practised it more.


Work on research proposal. Then went to Katharina’s for dinner, then watched Blood Diamond in centrum.

FRIDAY, 23/2

Work on research proposal from 9 to 5. Then I stayed late in the library just to figure out my travel plan on March and April.


In the morning I went to the sport center to watch Kat played in the badminton tournament. Basically, I reserve this Saturday so that I can watch her play and enjoy a Saturday in centrum with some other friends. Well, my badminton playing friend is actually the friend I’ve been hanging out with in and outside class. And she’s good (well done Katharina!). It was for me just to watch not just my friend but also all the people playing. I guess watching the sport that you understand can be a real entertainment. I told her that I’d pay to watch her play. I guess that’s a compliment. I watched 3 games that she played (2 singles and 1 double) before meeting my friends to go to centrum. Then I went back later in the evening to watch another double game that she played. I found out she won 1st place in the single category, congrats!


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