delirium 12000km away from home

February 20, 2007 § Leave a comment

Interesting. This is an sms conversation I had with a friend this morning:

Me in foreign country: Hi!How r u?Yesterday I was practically dead!High fever,myalgia,even delirium!I slept 21 hours straight,didn’t eat anything.I could barely walk to the toilet.Today it’s better.


– I woke up every hour to look at my watch, change position and sleep again.

– I drank water every 2 hours. But even then, there were times when I felt too weak to get up and reach the bottled water on my desk, just 60 cm away from my bed.

– I really didn’t eat anything. I took some sweets. 2 of them.

– My friend knocked my door to check up on me and I said, "Sorry I’m sleeping.. I’m really sick and I need to sleep because of the drugs I took. Thanks anyway."

– My room was so quiet and people had thought I went out of town to see the carnival. Not true. I refrained from going because I was WAY too sick.

– I knock myself out with acetaminophen + antihistamine combination, just so I can rest. The muscle pain was terrible, I needed to sleep it off.

– Standing up was a struggle.

– Walking was painful.

– I went to the toilet (10 m away) shivering and holding myself against the wall.

THAT’s how sick I was.

Bestfriend in home country: Ya ampun.. Trus temen2mu ngurusin kamu ngga?Moga2 cepet sembuh ya… Makan dong Jeng (and some other words here that are not suitable for public viewing) Get well soon.

Me in my small flat: heh.kmrn holiday weekend,everyone went drinking or outta town.and this is europe anyway, you live alone and die alone, in short. You gotta be independent. Friends were busy or working.Today I still cant eat much but food are going in.Tomorrow is exam!I wanted fast healing coz I need to study

Bestfriend 12.000 km away: Ajeng, makan! Harus! Gmana caranya mau sembuh, all I can do now is pray for you. Cepet sembuh ya…

Me again, being a very bad patient: Lagian kalo ngga sembuh ga bisa nongkrong di bar. Hehe..self-destructive habit.malem sebelum sakit parah aku ke bar ma Kat mpe jam 2 pagi naek sepeda. Wish me luck on the exam!

It’s scary to be that sick. But… you just try to get thru it. You gotta have plan on why, when, and how you’re trying to heal.

Alhamdulillah today I’m practically OK. I was sick on Sunday. Monday was starting off quite difficult for me, but by 2 pm I was starting to study, though I still couldn’t focus. Today… I’m on the go. I feel good. Tomorrow is exam. I should… get back to my studying. So, cya l8ter!!!


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