van gogh museum

February 14, 2007 § 1 Comment

Last weekend I visited Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam with 2 friends. This is a little something about it.

Since my europe trip in 2005 I’ve known that europe is all about art, culture, and history. People here appreciate those aspects a lot more than poor people in our country do. So to experience europe we must experience the art, the culture, and the history. One way is by visiting museums. In 2005 I was introduced to paintings also because of the many museums i visited host a vast collection of paintings. Since then I’ve known how I can personally enjoy a painting.

And van gogh… now I know how amazing he was! He was not a genius starting from 3 years old like Mozart. He actually learned how to paint, and after he could paint he learned how to do it better. It’s crazy because there were more than 200 of his paintings in the museum, and they’re all arranged chronologically. You can really see the transformation and progression of his skills and preferences. He also learned how to accentuate colours through the colour theory in books that he read. Unfortunately, he learned the theory without looking at it’s practice by another already famous painter, Delacroix, so that he was practising it wrong and didn’t get the best result of colour use. After some time, he found out how to use it properly, thus producing his later and most famous paintings. It’s crazy. He continuously use different choices of colours. He knew where snd how to put which colours. He knew which colours go with which. He painted anything as he wish, with any exaggerations and stress he chose. “Extract nature”, he said. And, as always, when you look at a powerful piece of art, it always evokes feelings. You feel strongly about the painting you’re looking at. And from van Gogh, the feeling that comes up over and over again to me is how gentle and tender he must have been. There were tenderness in the final products of the paintings despite the use of strong solid colours like red, blue, green, yellow. It’s crazy how he used colours. It’s just too hard to be put into words.

The truth is, looking at a painting is an experience. When you play "The Sims", you know that it’s a recreational activity a sim can do. That’s exactly it. It’s beauty. The idea behind art is not trying to immitate God nor to even compare the resemblance of paintings to the real living objects. That’s bullshit. It’s to explain and express how you experience His creations through paintings. When you want to paint something, you’re forced to notice details, you’re forced to experience nature or people or whatever objects you chose to paint. So you actually appreciate more of God’s work, God’s magnificence. And to create is to know that He is larger than anything, because creating is difficult. To look at our own work of creation, the love and dedication we have for them, is to learn more about God.

I can go on and on about art and God, and how experiencing art, to me is a spiritual satisfaction. It’s beautiful.

This feeling of intimacy with art is not something I can have in Indonesia. Too bad. All the thoughts of school, hospital, sick people, exams; they make me lose contact with art, making me use less and less of my right brain. At the moment, I’m back to living a life with thoughts of art again and I’m extremely happy.


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  • M-Gee says:

    U will find trully art in surgery, not just art but with science and skill. not just paint on the canvas but on the body, intestine, face, bone, vascular, muscle. SUBHANALLAH,

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