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September 26, 2005 § 1 Comment

Dear all,
so… just for your info, after finishing the workcamp in Napoli, I went back to Paris, joined the evaluation meeting of AEYVE. It was a great time, sharing our experiences with everyone. Being all happy, sad, surprised, exhausted, jet-lagged, angry. It was just a mixed atmosphere. we were glad because we got to go home soon (not true for me) and a bit upset knowing that we had to say goodbye again to each other, not knowing if we would meet again in the future.
After the four days evaluation meeting, at 5th of september I went to Groningen in Netherlands, to meet my bro’s host family and stayed there for a while just to chill out.
It was awesome. the house was great, the weather was great, the animals were great, and johan and reinhilde, the host parents were great. I had a lovely time with them. I even had a daytrip to Germany, just accross the border.
I went back to Paris at 10th, and the next day with the kindness of my friend Jeff, I went with him to Disneyland Paris for free!!! It was exhilarating.
The next day I left Paris for Madrid just to travel a bit more, and i stayed in Celia’s home. she’s my friend from the workcamp. It was amazing. the city, the family. It was a great opportunity to be able to experience madrid to the fullest and not just being a standard tourist. I had a daytrip to Toledo, one hour bus from Madrid, and it was also a great experince.

Now I’m back home, back to my studying, and have a bunch of thing to finish.
Still writing my reports, also doing some writing for the school magazine.
I plan to have discussions with some people, just to talk about this experience and get accross some important messages. I’ll tell u about it later.

Anyway, we’re having Ramadhan in a short while.



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22 July-26 July : Paris

26 July-31 August : Italy (Rome, Venice, Florence, Pisa, Napoli)

1-4 September : Paris

5 September : Amsterdam

6-10 September : Groningen, Netherland

8 September : Leer, Germany

10 September : Den Haag, Netherland

11 September : Paris

12-17 September : Madrid, Spain

Upsetting news

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a few days ago ago I was upset by the news I received from a friend. she literally said that I should really go back to my country very soon because there’s this thing at school that we’d have to do in few weeks.

This was really disturbing for me because I had felt that she had no right to tell me what to do, especially when I was still touring Europe. I was freaked out because from her words it seemed that if I didnt return in few days I would be in big trouble with my grades. But then I asked another friend to check the news, and it turned out that the urgency of the situation was just a rumor circulating between my friends.

But from that I learn that we should make the best of our time and be present wherever we are at the moment. If I’m now in Paris I should only think about Paris and what I do here. Not worry about school; or stuff to do when I go back to my country. This is the key to living experience to the fullest.


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Sometimes we have to make decisions in life. Difficult ones.

Sometimes, it’s about doing what comes first, and not just wait for what we want.

I cant believe I leave home and school for two months, but this is my decision, and I will have the consequences. For me, this trip is not reality. Indonesia and school is my reality. But right now, I choose to live this dream life, away from my reality and learn as much as I can.

I hope that,s okay with everyone.

A letter from the road

September 6, 2005 § Leave a comment

I wrote this mail to Celia in Madrid from Paris, two days after I departed from Italy. She is my friend during the workcamp in Frattamagiore-Grumo Nevano.

dear celia,
i guess ur home now… really home!
I’ve had my 21 hours bus trip and now i’m in paris.
The last two days has been quite hard for me,,, I miss u all too much!
I miss our whole stupid routines, preparing breakfast and meeting u in the morning, talking to Nori and the girls,,.
Really, i just kept thinking about the camp, a bit depressed actually.
I thought i wasnt ready to meet my friends from the project in paris because i’m still down, missing the workcamp.
I have changed my flight to 18 september.
so my plan now is insya allah to definitely go to madrid. 1-4 i will be in unesco paris, 5-11 in
netherlands and then to spain until 16 or 17.
I need to ask some friends first about the best way to get to spain, i’ll let u know soon after about my arrival in spain.
im lookin forward to meeting u and ur family soon
(btw, lately, when i think about someone else’s family, i feel like it’s my own… hm, too long staying AWAY from home….)
Take care, pls rply thks

I`m in paris now

September 2, 2005 § Leave a comment

hi guys
just wana tell u now that after a 21 hours of bus trip now im finally in paris.
its great to meet everyone from aeyve project, all 14 of us, especially because i felt really bad after leaving the workcamp. it was extra hard for me to completely leave everything behind there, and all the great friends in the camp. for two whole days all i could think about was everyone in the camp (well, not everyone… but still…)
It was too sudden and too early I think. Saying goodbye is hard, but going through the days afterwards is even more difficult.
Then I had a night out with silvia in Rome, we went to a social center (where all the communists hang out, normally) and just chat.
Of course, for the last

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